Gleb Kirenkov was born in Ufa in 1990 into a creative family, where his father was an artist, and his mother was a musician. From an early age, he showed a talent for drawing, and in school years, he excelled in learning descriptive geometry. In 2007, Gleb began studying architecture and design at Ufa State Petroleum Technical University at the Faculty of Architecture and Construction on the "Architecture" department. From 2008, he also started working in graphic design and illustration for local brands and various musicians. However, despite successful education, after graduating from the university in 2013, Gleb Kirenkov decided not to pick up his diploma, which he passed with honors, due to his rebellious nature."

After some time and the disbandment of the team at the clothing brand NAMELESS, Gleb Kirenkov left the TECHUNTER magazine and joined the board of directors at HARDKEA,
a production and furniture brand. Here, he played the role of an architect, furniture designer, and immersed himself in the processes of production and implementation of interior objects. During his work on developing the HARDKEA brand, Gleb Kirenkov executed loft-style interiors for major clients such as Open Bank, Rocketbank, Qiwi Bank, and co-authored the co-working space project COLLIDER. He documented and shared his entire journey on social media in his personal blog, No Diploma ArchitectureNDA.

Before the pandemic, Gleb Kirenkov sold his stake in the HARDKEA business and stepped down from the board of directors. After the quarantine measures in Moscow were lifted, he decided to pursue an independent career as an architect, interior and furniture designer, as well as an entrepreneur in the field of metal furniture and other interior objects manufacturing.

It was then that to establish NDA studio, comprising three lines of activity: NDA design studio, an architectural design studio, where Gleb Kirenkov and his team aim to apply a conceptual approach in finding new solutions in architecture and design, advancing with new stylistic references and employing innovative tools to demonstrate their vision of the surrounding space.

The studio also includes NDA Manufactory – a workshop and metal furniture manufacturing unit for their own projects and projects of fellow architects and designers. Gleb Kirenkov and his team do not confine themselves to standard materials and production solutions but explore and employ raw construction materials and engineering solutions for structures and joints, adding unique textures and details to their works.
Lastly, NDA object – a retail brand offering various interior objects, clothing, and home accessories. In this line, the studio's team manifests their creative ideas, applying precise color solutions and new textures to reflect their clients' needs and create distinctive products that stand out in the market, leaving a lasting impression on their customers.

During the first three years of NDA studio's work, Gleb Kirenkov and his team fearlessly resisted the norm and gained recognition in Russia and beyond its borders. The result of their hard work was the separation of the NDA abbreviation – New Degree Architecture, which emphasizes not only the pursuit of new solutions but also the conceptual approach in architecture and design.

Today, NDA studio continues its creative and professional development, aiming to make a lasting impact in the field of organizing spaces for people's lives and to continue implementing bold and innovative ideas in every project they undertake.

From all that has been said above, it can confidently be stated that Gleb Kirenkov is a person whose intellectual abilities, interests, and activities are not confined to a single field of knowledge and its sole application, making him a versatile professional – a polymath.
Gleb Kirenkov is a Russian architect, designer and artist.
(30 JANUARY 1990)
NDA design studio® – Owner, CEO, Сhief architect & designer

NDA object® – Owner, CEO, Сhief industrial designer
from 2020 – temporarily suspended
NDA manufactory™ – Owner, CEO
2017 – 2019
HARDKEA workshop – Co-Owner, Сhief architect & industrial designer
2015 – 2018
NAMELESS apparel techwear – Owner, CEO, Сhief fashion designer
2014 – 2015
Сhief fashion designer

2013 – 2015

from 2019 to now
2015 – 2018
Gleb Kirenkov is a multi-talented professional – polymath, who has successfully ventured into various fields of art and business.

He is one of the founders of well-known brands such as TECHUNTER and NAMELESS, as well as a thriving entrepreneur, being the founder of furniture workshops HARDKEA and NDA Manufactory. This demonstrates his ability to skillfully combine creative endeavors with commercial success.

His portfolio includes architectural and design projects, as well as furniture and clothing development. Through his own studio, NDA Design Studio, Gleb continues to explore and implement innovative concepts in the fields of architecture and design.
Polymath – (Greek: πολυμαθής, romanized: polymathēs, lit. 'having learned much'; Latin: homo universalis, lit. 'universal human') is an individual whose knowledge spans a substantial number of subjects, known to draw on complex bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems.
TECHUNTER magazine – Owner, СEO

After graduating from the university in 2013, Gleb Kirenkov moved to Moscow, where he continued his work as a graphic designer for local brands, but already showed qualities of an entrepreneur and production manager for brand products. Around 2015, he started his first individual projects, presenting himself as Gravure Knight - an engraving artist, and collaborated again as an artist with local brands and musicians.

Having lived in St. Petersburg for a short time, surrounded by representatives of the rap industry, Gleb Kirenkov decided to develop his personal brand, Gravure Knight, into the streetwear brand IGK Project, dedicated to medieval engravings and Maurits Cornelis Escher's ornaments. After gaining initial experience in producing products under his own brand, Gleb Kirenkov launched the first print edition and blog about techwear - TECHUNTER magazine. Gathering a team around the magazine and a substantial audience, he launched the first techwear brand in Russia, NAMELESS, which gained recognition not only in Moscow but also internationally, and was showcased at Berlin Fashion Week.