First fashion show
On October 22, in the Museum of Moscow, as part of Fashion Week, the NO DIPLOMA ARCHiTECTURE brand showed a conceptual line of outerwear and accessories.

On October 22, in the Museum of Moscow, as part of Fashion Week, the NDA brand showed a conceptual line of outerwear and accessories made of modern technological fabrics: membranes, thermochromic fabrics and light-accumulating ones. The lineup features neo-classical looks, rethinking of work jackets and shirts, windbreakers, raincoats and coats. Each thing has its own unique cut, catchy small detailed accents and convenient functionality. All models will be reinterpreted into even more casual, norm core style, and will be released next year.

All objects constructed by Gleb Kirenkov

Special thanks to PUMA brand for partnership and awesome sneakers at NO DIPLOMA ARCHiTECTURE fashion show
"The most comfortable clothes that will save you from the grayness of Moscow everyday life. Lightweight but wear-resistant material will help keep you warm, which ideally matches Russian weather conditions. You can forget about the God forsaken fur coats, the future is with modern functional materials and freedom of movement."
"It's nice to see that in Russia there are designers who are able to create collections, avoiding common cliches, and are ready to really bring something new and unusual, avoiding the hackneyed topics that we see year after year at fashion weeks in Russia."
"Noir futurism framed by a neon light"
"Practical and beautiful clothes in a futuristic style"
"This was my first time beeing a model, however I attend fashion shows as a visitor every six months. This was a work of real professionals, united by a common idea. Such positive energy has become the guarantor of the quality of the entire show. The collection was a secret till the last moment, turned out to be amazing. Sales began even before its presentation on the podium. I think the whole team deserves applause."
"I'm proud to be part of this"
"Brand NO DIPLOMA ARCHiTECTURE was the most interesting and ready to wear, showcasing that you can look futuristic while staying classy. I had fun beeing a part of it, eagerly waiting for the next one!"
"Minimalism, adorned with technological materials and emphasized with black." That's what No diploma architecture is"
"Style individuality in modern fashion driven culture"
"Technological solutions in clothes for maximum comfort"