Sneakers Customizing
Customization of sneakers is and underline of the owners individual style.
So, it happened - Nike made a collaborative pair with A COLD WALL - Nike Zoom Vomero 5 A Cold Wall.
A distinctive element of this collaboration was a plastic element on the heel of the shoe. This element did not carry any functional purpose by itself - just aesthetics and avant-garde.

In social media people reacted differently to this collaboration. Some saw this as a direct resemblance to Puma'68, when a computer was hidden in a similar element of the heel, which counted steps like in modern smartphones.

Others simply did not accept the design and cut them off under a clean "unnecessary" element. Someone did this radically, others approached with great creativity, cutting out clear holes in the plastic.

Me, as an architecture designer who was passionate about architecture, was inspired by the idea of connecting architecture and clothing, inspired by the experience of various fashion architects and their project. I made my concrete custom of Nike Zoom Vomero 5 A Cold Wall - by adding the concrete – our common passion with Samuel Ross.

Nike has already declared itself as a brand that loves to work with innovators in design: collaborations with Stone Island; engaging Errolson Hugh, a designer of tech advanced clothing (founder of the ACRONYM brand who originated the "techwear" subculture and grew up in a family of architects), who revived the NikeLab ACG line.

And now Nike surprises us again with a great collaboration with a brand founded by an architect. This is not the first designer of clothing, out of the architectural world, and not the first architect with whom Nike create a joint collection - the name of Virgil Abloh, says a lot. But this person inspired me no less than the fact that architecture and design of clothing are the most related areas of design.

A-COLD-WALL * is the curated product of British street culture. It is both a staunch symbol and mercurial component of the clashing of class and environment in the British landscape. Born of the stark subversive brilliance of the underclass, ACW* is expressed and refined by the cerebral sensibilities of the upper sections of society. This amalgamation is materialised through mediums of social commentary, immersive art and cutting-edge garments.

Concrete Objects by Samuel Ross & Jobe Burns.

An ongoing collaborative conversation between designers Samuel Ross & Jobe Burns.

Conversations take place in the form of objects designed around a mutual appreciation for brutalist forms combined with a fixation on experimentation.

In turn creating a shared objective of crafting simple impactful objects for daily use.

Architecture is a summation of objects that create and structure a personal spatial environment for human activity. The space of human life begins much closer than the apartment or desktop interior. Personal architecture, as the setup of a personalized individual environment begins with the clothes that personality wears. Combining function and aesthetics, we create products and forms.